Welcome to The Gothic Trunk - An Online Boutique of Vintage- Rockstar- Gypsy- Witch fashion deeply inspired by Stevie Nicks and the beautiful bohemian 70s rocker style that was on the cover of all the records in our house growing up. The is a dream of mine that started in 2004, when I first moved to Portland Maine after graduating art school and I quickly became obsessed with thrift shopping to achieve my evolving look ( it was the beginning of the "hipster movement " and Portland has always been a hip, if not weird city). When I started thrifting for friends too because as they said "I always found the good stuff" I began forming the seeds of an idea to create this boutique. To this day I still hit up all my local thrift shops at least once a week!
I had recent experience with a Stevie Nicks concert, she was on tour sharing some of her lesser know or forgotten songs that she kept referring to as coming out of "her Gothic Trunk of lost songs". At some point during the experience I had some of my own old songs shake loose from their dark hidden places including this dream I had tucked away many years ago because I was still partying too hard and moving too often to start a functional business.
Now is the time, now is the hour!
The Gothic Trunk will have its grand opening May 26th - with a collection of smoking hot Bohemian gypsy sundresses perfect for hot summer days and nights.

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